Our Secondary school students focus more in-depth into familiar subjects with ICT as a delivery tool for all learning areas. Regis School Runda has incorporated ICT from the Early Years. Each classis outfitted with a projector, and there are two fully equipped ICT labs, each with a smart board.

We are passionate about the opportunities the National Curriculum has to offer our students and thrilled to teach a curriculum which can open doors to many prestigious higher education establishments all over the world.

 Why Regis Secondary School?

  1. Conducive learning environment with low teacher-learner ratio.
  2. Infusion of technology in teaching and learning to enhance engagement and content delivery
  3. Sporting facilities- coaching in sports such as football, basketball, tennis, swimming
  4. Nurturing of talents in performing arts (Drama), music and sports
  5. Expansive curriculum which includes: ICT, French
  6. Links to local and international universities
  7. Fully equipped science and ICT labs to allow learners successfully to carry out experiments
  8. Experienced well trained teachers
  9. Emphasis on holistic education.
  10. Nurturing lifelong learners who are critical thinkers
  11. Experiential learning through school field trips