CIPA is our parents’ body


CIPA’s mission is to build and encourage a united parent community and to promote a network of communication between parents, guardians, teachers and the school administration and to support the school in offering a range of activities that add value to the learning journey of all students.

CIPA will develop specific communication programmes, events or publications that will take place either daily, weekly, monthly, bi-annually or annually. This will be done in coordination with the school calendar.

Local Advisory Board (LAB)

GEMS Cambridge International School has a strong Local Advisory Board (LAB). GEMS Education remain the owners and corporate governors of the school. The Local Advisory Board is actively involved in all aspects of school life. Its aim is to be ‘a critical friend’, which can uphold the school’s vision and values, advise and support the school on matters of strategy and policy and hold the school’s leadership team accountable for standards and performance.

The LAB is compiled of parents, staff and members of the GEMS Education Executive, who give up their skills, experience and time for free in order to help and support the school. Members come from a range of backgrounds and professions including teaching, the public and business sector. This wealth of experience brings a variety of expertise to ensure that GEMS CIK continues it development and evolution to offer the best education to its students. Working together as one team ensuring excellence is the expectation.