Modern Infrastructure

Our Facilities

Wide open spaces, the latest classroom technology, outstanding equipment – our beautiful campus and our world-class facilities help us to offer a truly international education from our accessible Kampala school. With unparalleled access to sports, performing arts and culture, science and technology, your child will experience a stimulating and supportive environment – surrounded by learning, inspiration and opportunity.

Our Core Values


I respect the needs of my customers and stakeholders. I will ensure they feel listened to and cared for.


I dream big setting ambitious goals, delivering the highest quality and aiming to be the best at what I do

One Team

I am a team player. I work with the bigger picture in mind. I put the teams needs ahead of my own.

Always Learning

My open minded curiosity fuels my passion for learning. I ask questions and listen so that I continuously learn and improve.


We want to ensure that your children taught by us today are sufficiently equipped and confident to use the technologies of tomorrow

How often might you see ‘trees’ sprouting from the floor of a school library, ceilings painted to give an ‘eco-feel’, art work produced by the students of a sister school in GEMS as a result of our students exploring and explaining to them what life is like in Kampala or indeed, a museum that displays for students artifacts from previous times?

You can not help but notice such things in the new Secondary school library of our school.

This completely redesigned and refurbished area was officially opened on the 2nd September, 2015. It is large and spacious facility that has been specially designed to provide a light, open yet functional learning bay for students.

Giant books about pygmies and small books about giants now wait anxiously to be read. The book stock of all shapes, sizes and genres have been especially chosen to meet the wide range of reading habits and interests that teenagers demonstrate.

Novels by Bronte, Rowling, Tolkien, Dickens, Achebe, CS Lewis, Pratchett, Horowitz intermingle with non-fiction materials about art and design, sports, history, computing, biographies, science or the geographical features of Uganda and the various animals and birds often found in this part of the world. However, the books provided are not just for students. Parents are welcome to visit, browse and borrow books for themselves. Need to put together a meal with an Indian recipe?

Visit the Secondary library! You will find such books to browse and borrow.


At GEMS we believe that the arts are central to the idea of education being about inculcating a love of learning and acquiring knowledge. A high quality education must include a high quality arts education, introducing children and young adults to great literature (novels, poetry and short stories plays), dance, visual arts, music and film.

Is it not every child’s right to appreciate the enigmatic smile of the Mona Lisa, listen to the music of Mozart, ponder on the ‘To be or not to be’speech of Hamlet and smile at the adventures of the Invincibles, the Pixar movie? At GEMS Cambridge International School-Kampala, we are committed to introducing children to the best there is in as many art forms as possible.

To enable the arts to flourish in our school, we make high quality resources available to all our students. In the Foundation Stage, children learn through creative play and as they move through the school both formal teaching of art and design for two hours per week in addition to music and the teaching of dance in PE. As pupils move towards deciding which subjects they would like to choose for IGCSE, literature, music and art and design are available as course options. As the school expands we aim to provide further courses in drama or media studies.

We also aim to develop our children’s understanding of the arts thought the local culture of Uganda. To achieve this we invite into school during our Art Week in June, local artists that have skills in painting, pottery, textiles, paper, leather, calligraphy, and even metal. The work children produce is then collated and exhibited in an exhibition that parents and the local community are invited to. That is not all, however, the GEMS Art Bus takes our students into the community to work alongside students in other schools working alongside them in producing art. We have a school choir that participates in local competitions and all and provision for the arts is further enhanced through a wide range of extra-curricular activities often taught by highly skilled artisans that include dance, drums, painting skills, singing, learning to play a musical instrument and story telling sessions. To help develop the above, we have two purposefully designed art and design studios, music rooms with practice spaces, and a small dance studio.

In short, we believe that the arts enhance creativity, develop critical intellectual skills that carry over to learning in other subjects and in life and through the arts all children’s’ talents and interests can be developed.


For over 30 year, LEGO Education has been working with teachers and educational specialists to provide ideas, solutions and resources that bring subjects to life and make learning fun for all pupils – regardless of their age or ability- using the power of LEGO in classroom.

From science, technology and geography, to English, computer science and Maths, we’ve been amazed the flexibility and suitability of the LEGO Innovation Studio in all areas of our curriculum.

Whether pupils are exploring different weather patterns by using LEGO plan, sketch, design, construct weather vanes propelled by motors or writing their own stories by building LEGO scenes, our studio encourages students to think creatively, reason systematically, release their potential and shape their own learning.

In August 2015, in partnership with LEGO Education, we opened the first fully kitted LEGO Education Innovation School at GEMS Cambridge International School-Kampala.

With our sister school in Nairobi (GEMS Cambridge International School-Nairobi) who have a similar facility, our studio allows students to explore lines of thinking in Science, Technology, Geography, English, Computer Science, Mathematics and the Humanities.

What better way than to explore different weather patterns than by using LEGO Equipment to plan, sketch, design, construct weather vanes that are propelled by motors! Ultimately, our studio  will encourage students to think creatively, reason systematically and  release their potential to shape their own learning.