Boarding is an integral part of life at the school.


Living in a residential setting, boarders are entrusted with personal and community responsibility. By assuming this responsibility and holding themselves accountable for their choices, boarders learn the value of being a contributing member of a caring community.

The boarding system is structured in way that all boarders have a home away from home, where they feel included, appreciated and part of a closely-knit community. Both houses – Mandela (Boys) and Malala (Girls) have dining rooms, common rooms, prep rooms, computer rooms, space for music practice and laundry facilities.

The boarding houses are situated in a serene location where the boarders sleep, play, relax and study. Boarders enjoy an excellent standard of accommodation, readily available educational and sporting facilities and the chance to enjoy all the opportunities of school life to the full. Perhaps the most important of these opportunities is the time spent building friendships, which will hopefully endure throughout their time at the school and their lives beyond it.