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Who are we

Who are we

Set in the serene suburb of Runda, Regis School Runda is built on a lush 5-acre piece of land with beautiful outdoors spaces. We have made it a priority to offer a variety of learning experiences tostudents, offering world class facilities which are leveraged to develop skills in an environment designed to encourage active learning.

Our inclusive and affordable school is the only Kenyan curriculum school with an international flare and world-class facilities that supports the holistic development and character formation of every child, based on their individual needs.

We exist to provide equal access to a holistic and progressive education scaled to international standards to develop character as responsible and confident global citizens

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be the premier national curriculum institution. We aim to provide diverse opportunities which nurture confident, critical thinkers to explore, discover and act in their community as global citizens, proud of their heritage, with sensibility and awareness of oneself, of others, and of their environment.

Our Mission

Regis School Runda is passionately committed to the development of global citizens through value-based, holistic education by providing a tailored approach for each child. We place emphasis on high standards of excellence, inspiring students to foster a strong sense of personal integrity and fundamental values to develop into responsible citizens of the world.

Our Core Values

Love and passion for learning

We respect the needs of our customers and stakeholders. We will ensure they feel listened to and cared for

Respect; for oneself and for all others

We dream big, setting ambitious goals, delivering the highest quality and aiming to be the best at what we do

Accountability, transparency and honesty

We are team players. We work with the bigger picture in mind. We put the teams needs ahead of our own

Equality / Inclusivity

Our open-minded curiosity fuels our passion for learning. We ask questions and listen, so that we continuously learn and improve

Our Curriculum

A curriculum is the vehicle through which a country empowers its citizens with the necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes and values for personal and national development.

The 8-4-4 system was first adopted in 1985 and with technological advancements, changes in lifestyles, more demands in the job market, a need arose to adapt the curriculum to these changes so as to make learning more meaningful.

The CBC therefore, bridges the gaps and the needs of the individual citizens and the nation with a view to producing skilled global citizens.

Why change the curriculum now?

The need to equip learners with 21st century skills necessary to thrive in this era.